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Next Gen Opportunities Unlocked! Fidelity Expands Invest in My Education Initiative

Release Date: 16 Oct 2023
Fidelity Expands Invest in My Education Initiative

  • The social impact initiative will expand into four new geographies and will now be active in Massachusetts, North Carolina, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Washington D.C*.
  • The inaugural class of 200 Fidelity Scholars have begun their academic year, taking steps toward a financially stable future.
  • The application window for the Year Two cycle of the Fidelity Scholars program is now open, giving more students the life-changing opportunity to earn a degree without educational debt.

As part of Fidelity’s long-standing commitment to financial education and inclusion, we continue to focus on facilitating economic mobility and removing barriers that have impacted historically underserved and underrepresented populations. To extend this commitment to the next generation, earlier this year we launched Invest in My Education(ME)℠, a $250 million social impact initiative. This fall, we’re sharing three exciting milestones for the initiative:

Invest in My Education is Growing

The full initiative has expanded, giving more students the life-changing opportunity to pursue higher education. Invest in My Education will now operate in four additional regions for a total of seven active regions (Massachusetts, North Carolina, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Washington D.C.*) These regions will host Fidelity Scholars; local organizations will be eligible for Ecosystem-Building Grants to improve pathways for thousands of underserved students; and local higher-ed institutions will be eligible for Retention and Completion Grants that will keep at-risk students in school.These geographies are regions with a demonstrated need, and where Fidelity has a significant presence. We’re thrilled to continue to invest in the future of these communities. 

The Fidelity Scholars have Gotten Started

Students in the inaugural class of Fidelity Scholars are off to college. 200 students across Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Texas have taken their first steps toward a financially stable future. 65% of these students are the first in their families to attend college. By making higher education more accessible and affordable, the Fidelity Scholars Program has the potential to provide greater economic mobility and a pathway to generational wealth, improving long-term outcomes for students and their communities. We can’t wait to see what our Scholars accomplish in the next four years and beyond. Learn more about the 2023 Class of Scholars here.

Applications for Year Two are Open

The application window for Year Two of the Fidelity Scholars program is now open. Eligible students in our seven regions can apply through our philanthropic partner, UNCF, now through January 11, 2024. In addition to scholarship dollars, Fidelity Scholars have access to a range of tools and resources to help them complete school and find good jobs. This includes a small group of Fidelity mentors, health and wellness support, financial education, college successes coaches, and more. Apply or refer a student here.

At Fidelity, our most fundamental value is to empower individuals to strengthen and secure their financial future. Enabling financial education and access to education are two ways that this initiative helps accomplish that. Invest in My Education intends to address system disparities in our communities, resulting in upward mobility for more people.

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*Activation in Washington D.C. includes only the Fidelity Scholars Program

For more information on the Invest in My Education program,

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