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Money, Love, & the Stars

Release Date: 29 Jul 2021
Money, Love, & the Stars

How Your Sign May Impact Your Money Style

Aquarius Aquarians like to know what they’re talking about and may be slightly more likely than other signs to be the primary decision-maker on long-term financial decisions.

Capricorn The success junkies of the zodiac, Capricorns are often proud to show off their achievements—and finances may be no exception!

Sagittarius Sagittarians may be more interested in booking their next flight than talking about tough financial topics; but avoiding reality won’t make it go away!

Scorpio  Scorpio’s trademark intensity means they often aren’t afraid to take the reins when it comes to making financial decisions.

Pisces Unsurprisingly, Pisces don’t mind diving deep! These sensitive souls may be open to communicate with their partners about the toughest topics—from savings and investments to wills and estates. 

Libra Libras love to feel confident in their decision-making and many think standard financial topics make for great dinner conversation.

Aries  The hardest charging sign of the zodiac, Aries’ bias toward action may mean more spending than saving!

Virgo One of the least likely of the signs to take on financial decision-making, Virgos likely defer to someone with expertise rather than risk making the simplest mistake.

Taurus It’s no wonder that the sign often committed to luxury may see money as a relationship challenge.

Gemini The two sides of Gemini may result in the most diversified sign of the zodiac, setting them up for strong household and financial health—but
having two sides may lead to contradictions.

Cancer Nearly 1-in-5 Cancers say money is their greatest relationship challenge, despite exceptional communication with their partner and a joint decision-making process that may set them up for success.

Leo Proud Leos love to show off everything else—why not their finances? While they may be soaking up attention everywhere else, their savings are taking the hit.

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