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What´s Not to Love? Employees Value Managed Accounts, But Education Could Broaden Adoption


BOSTON — In an effort to understand why companies and employees value workplace managed accounts – as well as the barriers to adoption – Fidelity Investments conducted research1 to unpack the sentiments of employers and their workers. The response: to know managed accounts is to love them.

On the flip side, Fidelity's research showed that those who don't use managed accounts say it's because they need more education on why the offering could be right for them.

However, once it's explained what a managed account is and how it offers ongoing professional management of their retirement accounts:

As employers look to broaden adoption of and increase understanding around workplace managed accounts, below are best practices for educating employees:

  • Engage, engage, engage! Proactively engage employees on the benefits. Provide information to help them understand how managed accounts provide an investing approach based on their personal situation. Work with your workplace managed account provider to offer awareness campaigns to educate, create dialog and encourage them to seek help.
  • Again, again, again! Be sure to remind employees about the value of your managed account offering by providing education periodically and in multiple forms. As they say, timing is everything and frequent communication will increase the likelihood that your employees will engage.
  • Get them early! The earlier the employees get on track with both saving and appropriate investing, the likelier they are to build the wealth and savings they will need throughout their retirement.

"The good news is that awareness and education around managed accounts helps drive overall participant engagement and action," said Chad Elliott, senior vice president of Fidelity's workplace managed account business. "In general, participants who respond to the educational programs are more likely to make a change to their asset allocation, increase their savings rates and review their retirement plan2."

For more information or resources on educating employees on the value of managed accounts, please contact a Fidelity representative.

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